Teaching kindergarten is the most rewarding job you will ever have, but having the best songs for the kindergarten classroom makes it even better! I have been in the classroom for 5 years now, and I have picked up on a few things. First, young children love routine and second, they love to sing. These two things together make YouTube playlists my number one teacher tool for teaching classroom management, letters, sounds, and math in the classroom.

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I have compiled the best songs for the kindergarten classroom into mice organized playlists. I will also give a short description on how I implement these videos daily to help make lesson engaging, fun, and help kiddos retain information.

Here are the best songs for the kindergarten classroom. You can find them all on my YouTube Page.

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1. Classroom Management : I use this playlist every morning for the first month of kindergarten. The songs teach about classroom rules, tattling, interrupting, and cutting just to name a few. My kinders love these songs and can’t wait to sing them each morning. It doesn’t take long for them to remember the lyrics.

Next, I use the lyrics to reinforce classroom management and rules. I have them practice freezing and they stop and put their hands up, just like the song. Or when the class is getting too loud, I will start singing from the song “Outside Voices, Inside Make it Hard for us to Learn”. They finish the lyrics and then quiet down. These songs make classroom management so much easier at the beginning of kindergarten!

2. Teaching Letters: When teaching my kinders the letters of the alphabet, I love to play these Story Botz videos. They have a song for each letter. I play the short song 2 times. The first few times I use these videos, I help the kiddos identify the Beginning Sounds in the different words and then pick a child to come up and write the capital and lower case letter on the board as big as they can. We then trace the letter in the sky using our arm to write.

After a few times of practicing, I play the letter song and then go around the room and call on a few children to tell me a word that begins with the target sound. You can just do this verbally or make an anchor chart by writing the target letter then drawing the picture of some of the words that begin with that sound. Then hang up the mini anchor charts for student reference. You can follow up by writing the letter in the sky or practice writing on a dry erase board.

Here are the letter anchor charts I print and draw pictures of words that begin with that sound. You can print it here for free!

Letter anchor charts, anchor charts, letter sounds, story botz, teaching Letters, teaching letter sounds

3. Letters and Sounds: This playlist of best songs for kindergarten is one of my favorite lists. The songs here are engaging, fun, and very catchy. It adds an extra element to learning sounds and identifying letters that help “hook” some of those kiddos. Along with sounds, there are some great letter formation videos that include using your arms to sky write the letter by Jack Hartmann. It is a great way to teach those kinesthetic learners!

I added a video I made to the end of the playlist that has the correct way to pronounce each letter-sound. Many apps and videos leave part of the /kw/ sound off for Qq or adding the Schwa sound to Letter-sounds which can be confusing for beginning or struggling readers. Be sure to keep this in mind when singing the songs or teaching the sounds.

4. Math: Another fun playlist focuses on math skills. This list includes counting to 100 by 1’s and 10’s, number formation, teen numbers, subitizing, 3D shapes, adding, and subtracting. This well rounded list will get you through the entire school year!

Get your kids up and moving! Help those kinesthetic learners! Engage and create exciting lessons that teach skills using music!

Be sure to share your favorite songs in the comments below! Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube for more videos and resources! I’m also on Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

2 thoughts to “Best Songs for the Kindergarten Classroom

  • Nuala O'Hanlon

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful blog post!

    It appears we’re ‘singing from the same song sheet’! 🙂
    Singing is such a powerful medium, and as teachers, one of the most effective teaching tools we have at our disposal. As an experienced ‘vintage’ teacher, I firmly believe in the power of song for helping children learn. To that end, a colleague and I write and publish curriculum-aligned songs that support & integrate classroom learning across key subject areas.
    My daughter has taught Kindergarten for the last 2 years, so I’ll be letting her know about your blog.
    Keep up the great work, and all the best with your teaching!


    Nuala O’Hanlon
    Teacher, Lyricist, Director,
    KEYSTONE CREATIONS ~ Educational Songs
    ‘A Lesson in Every Lyric’®

  • Beth

    This is a great list of songs. I loved using Jack Hartman’s songs in my preschool classroom!


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