It is almost that time of year! The day you get to see those precious smiles in the morning that warm your heart and melt away any troubles, Christmas morning! But, what is the best way to catch santa?

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Look at those smiles! This was Christmas 2016 and my oldest was 7 at the time. He was in second grade and he was skeptical that santa was real. I know it is inevitable, but he is still so young. I wanted to pull out all the stops and try to prove he was real.

Apps I Used

I had used santa phone calls, a Santa video app where there is a video and Santa says your child’s name and a few things about him or her. Then there is the Santa Tracker where you can see where Santa Clause is throughout the night all around the world. These were all fun and delighted my children, except my oldest. He was still doubting and stating his theories.

I knew I had to find something else! I found an app that allowed you to insert Santa Clause into your picture of choice. I tried it out and was very pleased at how realistic it looked! So on Christmas Eve I told my children we would set up the GoPro and catch Santa! My children were familiar with how I downloaded the pictures on my phone and have looked T pictures that way, so I knew I could set up the GoPro and then show them the photo through my phone even though a photo wouldn’t be on the GoPro. They were very excited and I couldn’t wait to show them.

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How I Captured the Moment

That night I took a picture with all the gifts set out and ready. The lighting was perfect and the app allowed me to dim the picture to match and there was a variety of poses for Santa. It looked very realistic! See for yourself!

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In my family, we tell our children that they may only ask Santa for one gift since he has so many children he must get gifts for. This also makes it easier to hide and they know that their family still buys gifts for them.

That morning, after we opened gifts, I prompted the kids and pulled out my phone to “download” the pictures from the GoPro to see if we caught Santa. They couldn’t believe their eyes! Plus, they couldn’t wait to show their cousins the picture. Even my oldest niece who was in 7th grade couldn’t believe her eyes!

So, I suggest you give it a try. Let the wonder of Christmas prevail. My oldest is still skeptical, but the photo is undeniable. The app is free and you can also use it for other events like the tooth fairy. You get a few free stickers, but you can purchase another set for just .99 cents!

Capture the Magic if Christmas- Christmas Photo Editor

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