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Alphabet Arch to teach Letter Identification

How to Help Children Who Struggle with Letter Identification

Is your child struggling with identifying letters? Do you need help with ideas to use at home and in the classroom that are fun, easy, and engaging? I have 4 proven activities for teaching letters that children love to use in my classroom.

Children should be able to identify most or all letters in the alphabet when entering kindergarten. Many children struggle recognizing printed letters. The following activities provide opportunities for children to engage with materials that help with retention through the use of hands-on materials. It is important for young children to have many opportunities and materials paired with repeated exposure to learn all 26 letters of the alphabet. With time and 10 minutes of letter focused activities each day at home, your child will learn their letters. Here is a list of the activities. Be sure to watch the short video and then check out what materials you need for the activities.

If you need help with letter-sounds, watch this video where I pronounce all 26 letters.

Glue Letters:

Using liquid glue and cardstock or thick paper (construction paper and index cards work well), glue each letter of the alphabet. I like to start with lower-case letters. Let the glue dry. This can take an hour or two. Last, cut the paper to separate the letters.

Have your child trace the letters with their finger as they say the letter. Also, placeing a blank paper on top and rubbing a crayon over the paper will reveal the letter.

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Gel Letter Bag Activity

Gel Bag:

You will need zip top gallon sized bags, hair gel, and food coloring. Open the bag and squeeze about half of the container of hair gel into bag. Add a few drops of food coloring. The darker the gel, the easier it is to see the writing. Remove as much air as you can from the bag and squeeze the bag to mix the coloring all around. When writing letters, be sure your child writes from the top to the bottom as this is correct letter formation.

Alphabet Arch:

You will need some type of letters. I bough my foam letters from the Dollar Tree. You can also use magnetic letters found at many stores or write your own on small pieces of paper! Next, write using pen or marker the alphabet into an arch. You may need to tape two papers together. You are now ready to start matching and saying the letters.

Sand/Salt Tray:

While you can use sand, at home, place table salt onto a paper place. Be sure you have enough salt to fully cover to bottom of the plate. Say a letter and have your child write that letter into the salt. Be sure your child writes from the top to the bottom as this is correct letter formation.

If you would like to purchase a sand tray, here is one I use in my classroom and love! Sand Tray

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    Girl, this was amazing, insightful and innovative! Totally sending this to my teacher friends!

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    These are great ideas! I love how they can help parents and teachers. Thanks for sharing!


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