DIY Whitewash Brick Fireplace

I did it! I finished my DIY whitewash on my brick fireplace. It was a hard decision since I didn’t hate the rustic red brick, but I rented for a long time and I was tired of beige and red brick. So in time for the New Year, I decided it was out with the […]

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Ketogenic Recipes and Meal Plan

Food. We need it to survive, yet in today’s day and age we struggle to keep a healthy balance between overeating, healthy eating, and finding a balance. My story has many ups and downs and I am still looking for a perfect balance. This is why I want to share my story about eating low […]

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Best Way to “Catch” Santa

It is almost that time of year! The day you get to see those precious smiles in the morning that warm your heart and melt away any troubles, Christmas morning! But, what is the best way to catch santa? Look at those smiles! This was Christmas 2016 and my oldest was 7 at the time. […]

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Perfect Last Minute Gifts for Kids

I have to be honest, I have only gone shopping for toys in stores ONE day this December! The reason is because I am an Amazon addict! I purchase almost all of my gifts online. I do enjoy going out, but I am super busy this time of year. Plus, school goes until the Friday […]

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Activities for Teaching Letters at Home and School
Letters, teaching letters, letter activities, letter games, kindergarten, education, educational, hands-on, engaging, research based

This post may contain affiliate links which means I may earn a small profit if you make a purchase through the link at no cost to you. How to Help Children Who Struggle with Letter Identification Is your child struggling with identifying letters? Do you need help with ideas to use at home and in […]

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Amazing Buffalo Chicken Wrap

Dinner on the Fly Amazing, delicious, easy, and cheap! What is not to love about a Buffalo Chicken Wrap? This recipe takes about 25-59 minutes depending on your method of cooking the chicken. I like to make this on Monday’s (I am just wiped out on this day and hate to cook much on this […]

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