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Appetizer with the family.

This past summer my sister-in-law and I visited a newer winery in the area. We are very lucky to live in an area that hosts countless wineries with beautiful scenery! While there, we tried a few different dishes and one was this amazing appetizer with goat cheese and roasted grapes. I was divine! Amazing flavors that were creamy, sweet, and a bit tart all at the same time with a slight crunch when you buy into the bread. Paired with a glass of wine made this appetizer one I knew I had to try and make!

This brings us to the holiday’s and of course, the perfect time to have some yummy appetizer recipes ready to go! I did a few searches and came across some similar looking recipes, but changed up some things to try and match the winery’s recipe. It was a hit at during Thanksgiving and I’m pretty sure I will make it again this Christmas holiday!

If you are looking for sophisticated flavors and something a little different, I suggest you try it out! Plus, I purchased all of my ingredient from our local Aldi’s at fantastic prices! It’s a win, win!


2 cups red grapes
1/2 cup olive oil, divided
4 sprigs fresh thyme
1/2 teaspoon sea salt, divided
8 ounces fresh goat cheese
1/2 cup toasted walnuts, coarsely chopped
Baguette bread slices into one inch sections for serving


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Toss grapes with 2 tablespoons olive oil, thyme, and 1/4 teaspoon salt. Bake for 45-50 minutes, until skins are bursting and wrinkled. Be sure to shake pan often to keep from burning on one side.

2. Using another pan, spread them on a sheet pan and bake for 6-7 minutes, at 350 degrees F, until just fragrant. Remove them, and let cool – they’ll continue to cook as they cool.

3. While grapes are in oven, slice goat cheese into 1/4 inch thick round, and place in a container. Pour remaining olive oil on top and let sit while grapes roast.

4. Remove grapes, let cool for at least 10 minutes. Put bread in to toast.

5. Then arrange cheese plate by placing goat cheese down, top with grapes and thyme sprigs, chopped walnuts, and remaining salt. Pour some of the olive oil remaining in dish where the goat cheese was marinating on top of all ingredients. Serve with toasted bread.

Appetizer, wine, goat cheese, roasted grape

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