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How the Elf on the Shelf is my Enemy

Here I am, a long day behind me. I am finally in bed. My contacts are out. I am showered. Everything is prepped for the next school day. The house is dark and I am just drifting off to sleep. All of a sudden it hits me. I forgot to move the dang Elf on the Shelf. What is worse is waking up in the morning and hearing the kids in the other room talking about why the Elf didn’t move….again.

I suck at Elf on the Shelf and he is back again this year (sarcastic, excited voice) and I am on day 3. I ALREADY FORGOT TO MOVE HIM ONCE!!!! How is this possible? I saved about 5,000 pins on Pinterest! One year I even did a whole calendar and wrote down ideas. I still FAILED! Last year my stats for getting the Elf set up the night before were about as good as the Cleveland Brown wins (1-26 if you are wondering).

I am done people! Why am I even continuing this mom fail? My kids. They like to look for him, although they are disappointed more often then not. So I’ve scoured the internet with some ideas that seem easy, because we all know that I can’t even get the dang elf moved to a new spot once a day, and doable.

Create or add more valuable activities that teach gratefulness:

Let’s face it, the Elf doesn’t hold a lot of value. The only reason I am continuing this Elf business is because my kids expect him now. Try talking about why the Elf was watching in the first place. Maybe try a new tradition where your family “becomes” the elf and adopts a family, serves food at the food kitchen, or writes holiday cards for the local nursing home. I like to feel that my kids might remember these activities more than some Elf.

Have a discussion:

Why does the Elf watch our children? To see if they are misbehaving! Yes, yes, I need some help this time of year to help keep the kids focused, but I can find many other ways to encourage them!

Try telling your children the Elf decided their behavior was good enough and that he didn’t need to stay. This sends a positive message! My plan is to tell the kiddos that he may make a little visit once in a while. It would be a great positive note to end on.

Lastly, have your elf leave a note:

In addition, or just make this your farewell by having your Elf leave a surprise Elf app on a device as a way to remember him. A really good one is called Christmas Story for Kids: The Elf Adventure. You can download it on Apple, Android, and Kindle. The iPad version includes an advent calendar where you open little doors each day which lead to a fun little mini game! How fun is that!

These are just some ideas to help make your holiday a little less stressful and a little more meaningful. I know I can use more of that in my life! Please feel free to comment with some of your ideas below!

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